Dale Alcocer Art


About Me

My Background


My love of art goes back as far as I can remember.  While growing up I spent many hours drawing.  In college my major area of study was painting and drawing, which gave me a foundation for working as a graphic/technical illustrator in the automotive illustration and advertising field for 30 years.

My Medium


Oil paints are the perfect choice of medium for me.  I start a painting by laying down a thin layer of a warm luminous color.  I like to use thin layers of glaze to build up the painting.  The underpainting usually shows through in the final layers of paint in the finished piece.

My Inspiration


The love of nature and the outdoors is where I get my inspiration.  Time spent within the big city provides an endless supply of visual stimulation and ideas for paintings.  I try to capture the dramatic moment of a low sun as a light source.  It sculpts and creates very interesting and eye-catching shapes and shadows within the landscape or cityscape.